Provide stable, reliable multi-year funding to CBOs

Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) provide vital services to vulnerable people in our province. They are non-profit groups that fill in the gaps when direct government programs don’t meet the needs of Saskatchewan people. CBOs care for people living with disabilities, respond to domestic violence calls, engage in suicide intervention, provide emergency child care, help people find employment, and more. Despite this critical role, CBOs lack the stable funding needed to continue providing reliable programming for Saskatchewan people.

The provincial government provides vitally important funding to help CBOs carry out their work – but this funding is often inadequate and inconsistent. CBOs must make do with very limited funds, and must try to plan ahead without knowing how the next provincial budget will affect them.

Join us in calling on the Government of Saskatchewan to commit to directly providing adequate, multi-year funding to Saskatchewan CBOs, thereby ensuring stable programming and adequate staffing levels are available to meet the varied needs of Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable people.

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Tell the Ministers of Social Services, Health, Education and Justice to provide stable, reliable multi-year funding to CBOs. Feel free to add additional comments, but please keep the message respectful.