Put Workers First Rally- 2020

On Monday the 2nd of March (12 noon) we'll be rallying at the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan in Regina for the government to put workers first!           


With a strong mandate for job action within the SEIU-West health care sector, our members at Canadian Blood Services actively pursuing fairness and stability, Co-Op refinery workers locked out for over three months, and teachers on the verge of job action, it’s time to get our rally on and send a message that it’s time that our government put workers at the front and center of the agenda.


SEIU-West is encouraging our members who are on a day off or not working on March 2, 2020 to come to Regina for Rally at the Legislature at 12:00 pm.


There are no buses booked so this is car-pooling only. Email [email protected] if you are interested in being a driver (with your name, city, and number of seats in your car) or if you are an SEIU-West member who needs a ride, let us know which SEIU-West office is the closest to you so we can get you in a car.


Please click here for details of the event.


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Lets show our government that they need to put workers first!