Congrats to our recent contest winners!

Over the past month, we celebrated Paramedics, Disability Service Professionals and Unit Support Workers/Unit Assists.


  • Darcy B, Wilda E and Karon M won our Paramedic Services Contest by telling us how to protect Ambulance workers with their lights and sirens on.

Slow down to 60 on the highway when passing ambulances.

Pull to the right to get out of the way when an ambulance is approaching with their lights and sirens on behind you.

Yield if they are crossing in front of you, no matter what the traffic light is.


Justine said "There are so many different things I do to put a smile on my participants faces! I do mini dance parties, I push them on the swing set at a park, I make them their favourite meal, and I paint their nails and do their hair.

Or it can be as simple as just sitting with them and being there for them."


Roxanne’s most used equipment is a cloth dipped in disinfectant to clean the many stretchers and various equipment that nursing staff use throughout the day.

Ambre porters 46 residents per day multiple times!

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