On November 20, 2020, SEIU-West reached a tentative agreement (TA) with the Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations (SAHO). If you are a member in good standing of this bargaining unit, it’s your turn to vote on the agreement.

By law, voting has to be completed no later than January 19, 2021.

We are committed to make sure that all of our members in good standing in the SAHO bargaining unit get a fair opportunity to vote on this TA.

However, because of the COVID pandemic, our usual way of voting on TAs, using paper ballots filled out at work or at the union office, is not possible. Voting by mail will not be available because of the tight timeline, which includes the holiday season.

There will be two ways to vote:

  1. Online: by logging into a secure website using a desktop, laptop, tablet/iPad, or cell phone; OR
  2. Phone: members who don’t have access to the internet will be able to vote securely using any touchtone phone, whether it’s a landline phone or a cell.

The vote will be run with the assistance of Simply Voting, a Canadian company that has managed electronic votes for unions and other organizations since 2003.

Simply Voting will rely on a voter information list that SEIU-West will supply to them. To make sure that this list is as accurate as possible, we need your help: we need you to register to vote.

You will not be eligible to vote unless you register.

Even if you have already signed up to receive a copy of the TA, or to take part in one of the Virtual Town Hall or video meetings about the TA, you will still need to register to vote. Once you register, you will receive a Voter ID number and further information about when and how to vote.

Registration closes at 12:00 noon CST on January 15, 2021.

To register, click on, and fill out the form.

Once you register, you will receive further information, including a link to view the TA. Voting will be open from 9:00 a.m. on January 11 until January 15 at 3:00 p.m.

If you do not have internet access, and prefer to vote using a touchtone phone, you can register by calling SEIU-West at 1-888-999-7348, extension 3221. Be prepared to provide your name (as it appears on your SHA payroll data), and the phone number of the touchtone phone you plan to use to cast your vote.

Do not register to vote while on employer time. You can only register for yourself, not for any other person.

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