March 26 – April 1 is Scheduler’s Week and we are here to celebrate the hardworking members who manage staff scheduling while considering collective bargaining agreements and the guidelines of each department.

This year, we have the opportunity to highlight Kristie, a Scheduler at Saskatoon Home Care. Kristie has a Business/Office Administrative diploma, as well as a medical terminology certificate. In a typical day, she finds herself entering leave requests, booking shifts out, replacing shifts, and of course scheduling clients and Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs).

Kristie tells us that the best part of her job is the puzzle of fitting clients with the right CCA, while also keeping the CCA within their geographical location. We can only imagine the number of moving pieces that need to align to make that puzzle fit together, and schedulers manage to do it day after day!

We asked Kristie to share a memorable moment with us. She told us of a time that she received a phone call from the spouse of a client, who was quite upset because Home Care hadn’t been informed that the client was in the hospital and didn’t need home care services they relied on in the evenings because that CCA who showed up at their home could have been spent helping someone else who needed help. They went on to tell Kristie that the CCAs do a fantastic job. Kristie was able to solve the concern by placing the client on hold so that CCAs would not visit until the hold was removed. The spouse was so pleased and promised to let Home Care know directly when the client returned home so that the CCAs could resume care. On top of solving a problem for a client, Kristie was able to pass along the kind words from the client’s spouse to the CCAs who care for the client.

This is exactly the type of personal touch, skilled work, and compassion that schedulers show week after week. Kristie, thank you for your attention to detail, your commitment to clients and CCAs, and your ongoing puzzle mastery!

As we celebrate Scheduler’s Week, please take a moment to show some appreciation to the schedulers in your facility and thank them for all that they do!

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