For the week of March 29 – April 4, SEIU-West is proud to celebrate our very first Scheduler’s Week!  

Schedulers maintain all aspects of staff scheduling while adhering to collective bargaining agreements and staffing guidelines of all departments within the scheduling office.

To celebrate this week we’re shinning the spotlight on Jocelyn, a Staff Scheduler at Saskatoon City Hospital Operating Room. Her job includes scheduling for nursing staff and support staff. In a typical day she looks after short notice calls for any absences based on how many theaters are running and how many staff they need to have for that particular day and it varies.

Her job also includes making  the necessary changes to make sure things keep running smoothly especially in light of Covid-19, such as making sure urgent surgeries are scheduled and elective surgeries are cancelled. 

Jocelyn says one of the best part of her job is interacting with people and she finds that employees are more trusting when they can speak to a live voice. Although there is less of this since the introduction of the staff scheduling website.

Jocelyn started out as a Work Clerk doing scheduling and has since then garnered 30 years experience as a scheduler. Jocelyn can actually recognize people that she has never met in person just from the sound of their voice! Now that’s what we call voice recognition!

We are proud to celebrate the health care heroes that are Schedulers!

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