In April 2018, the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) began a review of provincial security services in health care.

Since being notified by our Security Officer (SO) members, SEIU-West has been engaged in the process through petitions (both online - 407 participants - and in paper form), an online survey, a submission to the SHA, multiple letterst to the government ( mJuly 13, 2018November 20, 2018), a widely distributed campaign, videos, and regular updates to our SOs:

We were present when the SHA security Review Report was released on February 4, 2019 at Saskatoon City Hospital.

On February 5, we sent out a media release that garnered a lot of attention (CJWW; Global; CBC; and PA Herald); met with our SO members on February 20; and followed that up with a letter to the SHA requesting a meeting to further discuss the recommendations discussed in the report.

Sadly, the SHA has not yet committed to a meeting in March as they had originally proposed, we continue to correspond and will continue to keep this important issue at the forefront to ensure our members voices and their supporters are heard with additional updates to our Security Officer members:

Take action now! We are asking our members and their supporters to Take the Pledge and Stand with in-house Security Officers 

If you have not been receiving updates and you work as a Security Officer, please let us know here.

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