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Greetings Sisters and Brothers,

Your SEIU-West bargaining committee met with SAHO during the week of May 29 – June 1. We reviewed the proposals SAHO and the Employers provided last week in order to develop our questions of clarification on both the language and the financial information behind each proposal.

CUPE and SGEU met with their SAHO bargaining committees at the same time.

The bargaining committee received a lot of feedback after Bargaining Update #3 and we want to thank each and every one of you for contacting us with your concerns, questions and suggestions. This kind of engagement means so very much to the bargaining committee and it also helps us provide the stories and rationale behind our proposals. We ask that you take the next step and also contact your elected Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) to ensure they understand our concerns. We need all of us working together to get government to change their demands for concessions and rollbacks.

Your bargaining committee sent out the last bargaining update in order to let you know what we are all up against. Never before has a government so blatantly tried to have certain health care workers pick up the tab for the entire provincial out-of-control spending. Members from across the province were vocal in their condemnation of the government’s actions. Anger, a sense of injustice, and incredible sadness and empathy for members who would be most heavily impacted by these proposed cuts were the themes of the messages we received. We are determined to carry these messages forward, so keep your texts, emails and phone calls coming!

SEIU-West has put forward a proposal package that reflects the mandate our members have given the bargaining committee:

Hours of work issues:

  • We have proposed a modest increase in wage premiums, as well as standardizing overtime to 2x; we proposed ways to identify problems and develop solutions to the challenges with our call-in system; we want to improve scheduling so no member is scheduled for more than 6 consecutive days; we want to allow for a pay out of any time in lieu banks over 80 hours every year; and we believe that standby and callback rates should be increased.


  • We want to preserve our bargaining unit work; strengthen language around harassment and get serious about stopping this insidious behavior in our workplaces; improve and promote cultural diversity in our rapidly changing workplaces; create a more robust system for return to work and duty to accommodate; and create a process for reporting workload concerns that includes a review of staffing levels and practices.

Other improvements:

  • We have proposed increases in transportation allowances, a supplementary maternity and parental benefits plan and improved compensation when our members are required to take on more responsibility in the workplace. We have proposed that anyone who has to pay professional or licensing fees are PAID IN FULL by the employer.

Your bargaining committee is scheduling town hall meetings in all of our health regions to talk with our members, and hear their concerns, over the course of the next six to seven weeks. We will be sending posters and meeting information to all our facility executive. Watch for information on our website and stay in touch via the ‘contact us’ link on the website!

Don’t forget to contact your MLA to ensure they understand our concerns. We need all of us working together to get government to change their demands for concessions and rollbacks. Find your MLA by visiting: Lost for words? Here is a letter template for your use.

We encourage you to share your questions and concerns about bargaining with your SEIU-West bargaining committee by contacting us through the Member Resource Center (MRC) at 1-888-999-7348 Ext 2298 or contact us through the “contact us” form on

Your participation in your Union makes your Union strong.

In Solidarity,

SEIU-West Bargaining Committee

Your SEIU-West SAHO Provincial Bargaining Committee:
CHR: Janice Platzke (SEIU-West Treasurer) • FHHR: Brenda Berry; Donna Gallant • HHR: Colleen Denniss • SHR: Judy Denniss; Rick Brown; Simone Corriveau; Kim Wyatt; Charlene Sarafin; • Staff: Bob Laurie (Dir. of Bargaining and Contract Enforcement); Russell Doell (Deputy Dir. of Bargaining and Contract Enforcement); Cam McConnell (Negotiations Officer) • President: Barbara Cape

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