The SEIU-West Education Committee sponsored two delegates to attend the Saskatchewan Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists (SSMLT) Fall Conference 2023. Whenever members attend events, we ask for reports to share with our membership. Please see reports below:


I was privileged to receive union coverage to attend the SSMLT Lab Conference on October 12 and 13. 

It was one of the best Lab Conferences that I have attended in a long time. The trade show on the evening of Thursday October 12th was very good and the vendors had many good booths set up displaying their newest technologies and analyzer platforms. The opening lecture the next morning to start the conference was by Jess Tetu, and though it was not lab related, it was very inspiring to always work toward your goals and never give up on your dreams.

The rest is the days' lectures provided many lab related topics that were informative and interesting and very relevant to my daily work. One of these included information on metabolic diseases that is something that I am directly involved with in my daily work, as we collect and send some of these out from the facility where I work. All of the other lectures that I attended were also directly related to chemistry lab testing, which is where I work, so I was very happy to have been able to attend. I feel I gained a lot of knowledge, and attending also allowed me to reconnect and network with some of my fellow technologists from across the province—and that I was very excited to be able to do!

Thank you once again for allowing me the opportunity to attend by your generous sponsorship! I am truly grateful for having had this experience!


Thank you for sending me to the SSMLT conference in Regina. It has been very informative.

A very inspirational keynote address from Jess Tetu started us with a great story of success.

Many med lab sessions from toxicology, Wellness Wheel practice, Microbiology AI and molecular theory made my head swell a bit. Lol!

Once again thank you for your support!!

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