Heidi has worked for several years as a Housekeeper at the Outlook Hospital. Although housekeeping is her primary assignment, she also helps out in the kitchen and laundry.

She starts her day at 7:00 a.m. with housekeeping duties, and then moves to wherever she’s needed.

Heidi loves going to work every day because she treasures the friendships she has made with the residents when she works in long-term care. “You form a special bond with the people that are long-term residents there and the best thing you can do sometimes is to put a smile on some people’s faces,” Heidi said.

She works long hours and is on her feet for most of the time. One of the ways Heidi copes is by realizing that making people happy makes her happy too. “It’s medicine for your own soul,” She added.

Especially during this pandemic, Heidi feels it’s important to be there to help people in whatever way she can. “Sometimes people are frightened when they come in or alone, so you try to do more than the job.”

Heidi gives her all at work. But she also knows how important it is for your mental health to make time for self-care. “We’re not allowed to take any summer holidays at the moment and my hours now amount to full time.”

Long term this not conducive to a healthy work-life balance, especially during a pandemic. But Heidi is lucky to sometimes have the opportunity to work outside. “I get some fresh air and sunshine--that just about cures everything.”

Heidi is also fortunate enough to have her daughter come live with her for two and a half months.

This of course was a big adjustment at first, but she came to appreciate the company and the comfort that family support brings.

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