Amanda has been a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) for home care for almost twenty years . She assists clients with medications, helps them get dressed, assists with baths, applies compression stockings, assists with colostomy bags and catheters, and she visits with them when time permits.

Amanda chose this career after volunteering at an urban hospital when she was in high school. She loves getting to know her clients and their families and helping to keep clients in their own homes as long as possible. She takes pride in offering peace of mind to the families of those she cares for, that their loved ones are in caring, capable hands.

Working through the pandemic has been very stressful for Amanda. Would she be redeployed? Would she contract COVID-19 herself?

She was also concerned for her coworkers and her clients. She wasn’t sure if the masks they had were adequate as they weren’t supplied N95 masks.

She is happy to say they worked through this as a team and are looking forward to a return to normal. Her team stayed pretty positive overall throughout all of this, but it has been mentally exhausting at times.

Amanda got through the pandemic by just taking everything day by day. There is constant change with health care, so you learn to be adaptable. During the pandemic, they were only to do their job and leave; there was no visiting with the clients, and some home care visits were put on hold for months. She is relieved that they can visit with their clients again now that everything is relaxing.

Amanda, you and your fellow CCAs are a very valuable asset to the health care field and need to be treated as such. Often, you are the only one your clients see in a day. You are the ones that can make their days brighter with a smile or a story. More than that, you allow seniors to age gracefully and assist those with special needs to live in their own homes. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, we appreciate everything that you do. 

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