We couldn't be more proud of our members and the work they do for the people of Saskatchewan. Felix is one of those members.

Felix works as a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) in rural Saskatchewan where he ensures that the needs of his residents are met. This includes activities of daily living such as: bathing, grooming, transferring, feeding, etc. He uses a variety of machines such as ceiling track lifts and sit to stand lifts.

Memorable moments for Felix are when residents tell him that he has made their day after providing care to them, and when a resident told him that he admires his professionalism and commitment towards the residents.

It's been difficult for our seniors in Long-Term Care (LTC) over the past two years. COVID restrictions have often left our seniors scared and lonely. Those conversations that Felix has with his residents make those days a little less lonely and a little less scary. Workload is heavy in LTC facilities, often both the residents and the staff wish they had just a few more moments to connect with stories and laughs, but workers like Felix do their best to add that during the care they provide each and every day.

Thank you, Felix, for taking such good care of our residents in rural Saskatchewan.  



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