Ryan is a Journeyman Electrician for Chinook School Division in Southwest Saskatchewan. Encouraged to become an electrician by his father, he has been working in the electrical trade for 17 years. Ryan’s job is to fix electrical issues in the schools including lights, plugs, and appliances to ensure they are safe for the students and staff to use. He loves that he is able to travel as part of his job because he’s able to interact with each school community.

Working during the pandemic, Ryan was busier with adding different safety measures. He also had the unique ability to get into the classes to implement more LED lighting while school was only offered online. This will help the division with power costs.

With the COVID-19 protocols, they need to check in more and wear masks. Ryan and his team have had adequate supplies of PPE and the team is feeling alright; it’s business as usual, but they are all ready for masks to be done with. It’s been a long road.

Ryan, we can't thank you and your team enough for being there for our children in these uncertain times. The work you do is incredible and you make a huge difference in the learning environment.

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