Sayful is a member of SEIU-West, and a founding member of the Multicultural Mentorship Committee (MMC) of the local. MMC works and advocates for all different ethnic backgrounds of members who work within Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) and other employers affiliated with SEIU- West.



Sayful has been working for SHA since 2012. Currently, he is working at Saskatoon Home care as a scheduler where he creates and maintains staff schedules in accordance with the departmental policies and collective agreement. He does staffing for sick leave, family illness leave, vacation, WCB and other long term leaves.

Another crucial part of Sayful's job is scheduling client appointments/visits according to care plans and staff availability. His favorite thing as a scheduler is the opportunity to talk to our senior citizens every day. He gets to learn their stories, their life experiences, the best thing about their day or that the restaurant they went to last weekend was nothing but a disaster!

Like every Canadian, 2017 was a special year for Sayful and his family. On the 150th birthday of Canada, this was the first Canada day for his daughter Junainah and the first Canada day for him as a Canadian Citizen.  Sayful is super proud to be a Canadian Citizen.


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