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Are you a SEIU-West member who has never participated in any SEIU-West training before? Then this is the course for you! Unionism 101 is designed for any member who wants to learn more about SEIU-West. It is a beginner course for rank and file members who are not already shop stewards or unit officers. The course will touch on the basics of unions from where dues go to how members stay current on union activities to busting union myths. An introduction to the virtual bulletin board will be included and social media, political action and collective bargaining will be addressed. Basic information will be provided on anti-harassment, bullying and domestic violence at work. There will be a component that connects union principles with inclusivity and support for diversity as well. Truth and Reconciliation as well as the impact of climate change will be touched on in this exciting class. The goal is to reach everyday members and create an understanding of SEIU-West and what makes our union special. Find the closest course location to you and fill out the online or paper registration form, linked below!




NOTE: if you are accepted to attend and are scheduled to work that day, please request union leave from your Employer and they will bill SEIU-West for your lost wages. If you are on a day off, you will be provided with an hourly honoraria. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] and/or [email protected] 

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