Linda has worked as a Unit Support Worker (USW) both in acute care and in detox for three years. She loves her job because she gets to watch people transition from a place of pain to a place of hope and faith.

Her job entails waste disposal, routine product and supplies usages and facility surface sanitation. She helps to maintain a safe, tidy and friendly atmosphere for all the clients, staff, community resource and outreach workers, health care professionals, family supports, future employees and visitors that enter the busy facility.

She is proud that she can ensure people feel confident that they are coming into a safe facility because of her work.

She sees each moment as an opportunity to plant seeds that have the potential to grow understanding, inspiration, health, wellness and forgiveness for everyone she meets.

In her role as a USW, she feels a responsibility to contribute toward each individual she encounters. As an important member of the health care team, she is aware of her surroundings and is as health conscious of herself and she is others.

Linda loves all of her co-workers. Each of them bring their strengths and diverse life experiences from various fields of study into their positions to make a strong team.

For Linda, it has been rewarding to contribute through her role as a USW when unforeseen challenges directly associated with client's safety arise to effectively support her co-workers through events.

Her work can get complicated when there is a flurry of clients admitted to and discharged from either or both brief and social units at the same time because it's Linda’s job to prevent cross contamination. Linda excels at being supportive of healthy living choices, brings hope to clients, and can truly see the difference that this makes.

This is a career that Linda has found very challenging but also very rewarding.

Linda, thank you so much for all you do and the hard work you've done during this pandemic to ensure your facility is clean, safe, stocked and supported in such a loving way!

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