Steph has been a Unit Support Worker (USW) for two years now and has been in healthcare for five. She works in an acute care setting in recovery.

Her typical day at work consists of helping her nurses with patients. Shet takes her patients to where they need to be and makes sure they are comfortable. She keeps the unit clean and stocked of supplies.

What she loves most about her job is the people she works with. She has an amazing team! 

Steph was inspired to work as a USW because of her Grandpa. He was the Chief of Surgery for Providence Hospital and Union Hospital in Moose Jaw. 

He believed that everyone in the hospital was vital to the facility running smoothly. It didn't matter to him if you were a USW or doctor; he treated everyone the same. Steph understood that being a USW was helping the bigger picture, which is patient care.

Her favorite moments are handing out stickers to the children. They could be having a meltdown or scared of being in the hospital, but when Steph gives them stickers, they all get super excited. One kid named her "Sticker Stephanie" because she made his day.

Steph asks people to remember that staff are human too. They are doing their best. They did their best under normal circumstances and they are doing their best during this crazy time as well, ensuring that everything is clean, safe and running smoothly.

Thank you to Sticker Stephanie and to all the USWs and UAs that make an impact on patient care and help the team!

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