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The spotlight has shone on us during the global pandemic, but we were here before COVID-19 and we will be here after.

We are the ones on the front line keeping our health care facilities and equipment clean, the ones performing hands on care, administering medications, planning and preparing meals, the ones performing countless tests to ensure an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

For years, you’ve heard us in the media, saw us on the billboards, pleading for an end to the understaffing that plagues and impacts us all.

We use the word “understaffing” a lot in health care. When we say “end understaffing”, we simply mean we want safe staffing levels.

Safe means...

  • No more one staff member for 10-15 clients.
  • No more one LPN for 80 patients.
  • No more one person ceiling lift transfers.
  • No more skipping client needs to make the job fit the clock.
  • No more horror stories on the evening news from families whose loved ones have suffered because there’s no time.
  • No more suspended services and long wait times for testing you need.

We know the reality of front line health care. And we know our government is letting us down.

There's a provincial election coming up this fall. It’s time to put pressure on your candidates. Ensure your candidates know that we need minimum care standards in Saskatchewan.

It’s safer for us, safer for you, and safer for the ones you love.

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