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Home care is a vital service that allows our seniors and vulnerable to stay in their own homes. Home care workers help with tasks like baths, getting dressed, medications, meal preparation, physical therapy, and wound care. Study after study shows that these services greatly improve the quality of life of clients and their families, and that these services are a huge cost-savings to our burdened health care system.

As a Home Care Scheduler, I do my best every day to ensure that our home care workers are assigned to the clients who need them most. But too often, I have the difficult job of telling a client or their family that the service they need cannot be supplied. Why?

Well, although our Sask Party government boasts that they've added funds to health care, in fact, since 2014, home care service have been cut by 8%. Home care service allows people to access health care services without being in hospital or a long-term care home. Our clients wants to access the care and service they need while remaining safe at home. However, government cuts mean fewer services are accessible. At the same time, it's a challenge to get full-time hours at home care therefore we have fewer workers and this lends to understaffing; especially during COVID with cohorting.

Our government is letting us down. We talk to them about our concerns but they just don't seem to hear us. There's a provincial election coming up this fall. It’s time to put pressure on your candidates. What do you want your future health care services to look like?

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