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Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose… but how then can we succeed if we are never able to aim or plan beyond months at a time? Community based organizations- or CBO’s- are woven into the heart of Saskatchewan.

The last century has brought over two hundred of them to the province, providing vital services to our most vulnerable, and often most forgotten citizens. The programs and services support our children, our homeless, those struggling with addictions, born with intellectual or physical disabilities, facing mental health challenges, our newcomers, and more.

When staff can’t be hired or retained because of lack of job security or livable wages, when programs must be cut and citizens left behind, it’s our community we are failing. Saskatchewan has always been a province which prides itself in coming together, and our most vulnerable need for us to come together now. We know our government is letting us down.

There’s a provincial election coming up this fall. It’s time to let your candidates know that you support safe staffing levels, livable wages, and no future cuts to programs and services. This can only be accomplished with multiyear funding for CBO’s. Together let’s ensure none of our citizens are ever forgotten or left behind.

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