Date: February 12, 2019

Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Greetings Sisters and Brothers:

On February 11, 2019 your Bargaining Committee attended an Interest Arbitration between West Park Crossing and SEIU-West, in Regina. The purpose of this Arbitration is to settle all the outstanding collective bargaining issues between the parties. SEIU-West’s lawyer did an outstanding job in presenting your issues to the arbitrator.

To recap, your bargaining committee had reached a tentative agreement on a first contract in July. However, it was not ratified by the membership. It was clear from that vote that rates of pay was the biggest issue of concern.

The bargaining committee then enlisted the help of a Labour Relations Officer, from the Department of Labour, to help us reach an agreement through mediation. The mediation process was unsuccessful as the Employer did not table a better offer. Rather than go through a strike or Employer lockout, which the membership indicated to your bargaining committee was not an acceptable option, the union and the Employer explored using voluntary interest arbitration. The membership indicated to your bargaining committee that this was an acceptable process.

The major issue of disagreement between the Union and your employer remains the wages you earn at West Park Crossing. This was very apparent to the Arbitrator. The Employer raised an issue with job postings language, which the union rebutted, and they indicated it was not a big issue for the Employer. The Arbitrator has heard the arguments from both sides, read all the supporting material and evidence and will determine your rate of pay and all other outstanding issues associated with bargaining in his decision.

We will let you know of the outcome of the Arbitration, by way of a Unit Meeting, just as soon as we learn of the Arbitrator’s award. Please continue to check out your Union Bulletin Board, or for further updates. If you have any questions about your workplace, please contact the Member Resource Centre (MRC) at 1-888-999-7348 ex. 2298. The MRC Officers will be able to assist you or will refer your question if necessary.

Your participation in your Union makes your Union strong!

In Solidarity,

Your SEIU-West West Park Crossing Bargaining Committee:
Selene Desjardins • Murray Froese • Al Chaisson • Staff: Bob Desjarlais (Union Representative) • Blair McDaid (Negotiations Officer)

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