Women's March Saskatoon Virtual Rally: A Women2Women Circle Workshop

January 25, 2021


Online only

This year, in lieu of the annual march, Women’s March Saskatoon is hosting a free online interactive event. Join and come together to share ideas of support and self-care, as well as learn more about the Women’s March movement.
The workshop is available to all residents of Saskatchewan.
As a participant, you’ll receive actionable ideas to cultivate positivity and self-care. Workshop facilitator is local entrepreneur and adult educator Penny Nilsen of First Choice Facilitation. The Canadian Mental Health Association will also be presenting on women’s mental health during COVID-19, and what we can do to take care of ourselves.
Registration is limited. Please contact organizers if you require any accessibility considerations. If you’re interested in attending, but have prior commitments, organizers can explore other options for delivery of the content.