As we celebrate World Health today the stakes have never been higher. The last few weeks has made it even more apparent that all is not well in our Health Care system.   

As people gathered supplies to start self-isolation and went to their children’s schools to pick up their supplies, health care workers walked through the doors of their workplaces to continue care for their clients/patients/residents. Health care workers scrambled to figure out what to do with their children; because these arrangements were necessary for them to leave their homes and get to work. Many had to find a new method to get to work – keeping in mind the requirements of social distancing.

You want to know what a hero looks like? It’s our members.  While the world stocked up on toilet paper and hunkered down, our members couldn’t stay home.  They worried as they checked in on their own loved ones, for fear they had caught COVID-19 at work and were about to spread the virus to their families.  They worry everyday about COVID 19 spreading to their patients/clients/residents and their health care team members.

Even knowing this great potential risk they have soldiered on, doing an amazing job to limit the spread of this new contagion and providing the professional, valuable, compassionate care they always have provided.  All while waiting for a fair collective agreement, one that would help address their own needs like chronic understaffing, crushing workloads, increased cost of living, long hours and mandated work.

What is most frustrating is that our health care workers are heroically putting their lives and the lives of their family on the line, all without sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

On Thursday (April 9TH), members across the province will gather at appropriate social distances during their shift change to demand that Scott Moe use his power to deliver more PPE to frontline health care workers by holding up signs saying #GetMePPE.  For those who cannot do this on April 9th – we invite them to do so today or any other day this week. To submit your picture, send it to [email protected] and we’ll post it to our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Our Health Care workers risk their own safety for us, keeping us as healthy as possible during this pandemic. Health care providers are our World Health Day heroes!

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