The SEIU-West Education Committee is pleased to announce that all of the 2021 Scholarship Winners have been awarded and the winners have been notified.

Each year, the quality of the applications makes this selection process difficult. The committee wants to thank everyone who applied in 2021 and encourage all interested and qualified to do so in 2022. If you're interested in applying for the 2022 scholarship, click here for more information and to download the application form.

Here are our happy 2021 winners - congratulations and good luck furthering your studies!

  • Kassandra Mc
  • Melvin C
  • Trishana W
  • Kaitlin B
  • Taylor K
  • Kevin E
  • Nicole L
  • Katelyne R
  • Chelsea B
  • Princess M
  • Hannah R
  • Xoan N
  • Randy M
  • Maricris B
  • Mckenna H
  • Jenicar C-S
  • Lual A L
  • Cheri T
  • Olayemi M
  • Dana H
  • Junia O - child of Michell T
  • Shiela M - both a member and child of Arnolfo and Shirley
  • Ali H - child of Altaf H
  • Shaylyn De J - child of Kelly De J
  • Nimrat G - child of Sarbjit
  • Alhea Q - child of Leah Q
  • Cameron O' - child of Carla O'
  • Jaira D - child of Jen G
  • Madelaine St. Y - child of Guy St. Y
  • Bailey M - child of Abby C

We will add photos as they come in!


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