July 24 was International Self-Care Day!

You sent us the BEST answers ever for low-no-budget self-care methods and below are all your answers!

Congratulations to our winners:

Lyndsay, Jackie, Robin, Danelle, and Denise


  • After work... off to the garden time!


  • Get a hammock, set it up between trees in your yard. Take a pillow, your book, water bottle, wear comfy clothes and go lie in the hammock. Enjoy the breeze, the sounds of nature, the clouds, anything that makes you pause from daily activities. Relax, rest, read and recoup before going back in the house. A very mini vacation that literally can only be a few minutes but you will feel better for the rest of the day because you took a moment to recharge!


  • So after having a baby during the beginning of COVID and dealing with PPD and then contracting COVID myself. I’ve had to do a lot of self care for myself and take time out of my day for just me. I always put my family ahead of my own needs. We have booked a campsite with no amenities but beautiful scenery and lots of walking paths. Just to take some time and reconnect with myself and my family and nature.


  • My self care tip is going for a walk or listening to some music to clear your head and relax when needed, even better to do it daily to ward away stress.


  • Hi, for me self care is a long soak in the tub just forgetting about everything. Also I enjoy going to the pool when I can take in an Aqua fit class. 


  • This hot and dry summer has given me the opportunity to enjoy the beaches close to the city.  For real refreshment we have been visiting Redberry and Martin's Lakes for sun and fresh air on weekends off work.  Always feel so rejuvenated when we return to work.


  • Playing Bocci ball is so much fun. Gives time out in the fresh air and a little exercise.


  • For self-care on days off; I like to start my day with coffee outside so I can relax in nature – listen to the birds sing. I also enjoy spending time with friends and coworkers – going for walks or once it is safe again having potluck get-togethers.


  • One of the best things I found for Self Care this last year, has been to set aside an hour each day to walk outside with my dog. I live in a rural community which provides for a safe environment anytime of day. We both need the exercise and the sunshine vitamins. Being out in nature provides clarity of thought and escape from the digital pressures of the day. This is also my technology free time. While I was working from home, my husband was recovering from heart valve replacement surgery last summer. Isolation can be particularly difficult on your emotional and mental health. Walking helped me to physically leave my home office and safely see others in the community doing the same. This was particularly important as everyone was reducing our social contacts and shopping errands in our pandemic efforts. 


  • I did and continue daily strengthening spiritual relationships to the Almighty. 


  • My no budget self care is I take a walk in nature. I go down by the river on the walking trails and if possible will take off my shoes to feel the earth beneath me.


  • There are a lot of free exercise programs online as well as yoga and stretching sessions.


  • In this pandemic, it is very important to make yourself busy or do the things you love to do, even though you have no budget. I love to organize my things, its about time to de-clutter and find things that can still be used by you or other people. Do some gardening or planting outside your house.


  • Reading my daily meditation books in the morning and also yoga to help get moving 🙏


  • I got my 2nd COVID shot along with my husband. We are working with our family to get everyone covered so we can again get together in numbers so we can spend family time, camping, picnicking, trips to parks and letting grandchildren play together without fear. Family is the most treasured form of self care and, for me, it is crucial to both physical and mental wellbeing.


  • I made sure I had a bike ride or did yoga ever day to stay moving. 


  • I love to run myself a bath with Epsom salts, essential oils and a few flower petals for a luxurious bath time and also a large glass of infused cold water to sip on, then lay back and relax for at least a half hour before bed, somehow this just seems to wash away all the stress of the day!


  • My absolute favourite low budget self-care is a warm Jacuzzi bath with Epsom salts essential oils rose petals, a face mask, a good book and tunes. A glass of wine and a snack is completely optional. But usually mandatory at my house! I hope this helps someone else live  their best life and encourages them to be a little bougie and extra with their self care. ❤ 


  • I like to get a book from a thrift store, used book store, and/or one can also get an inexpensive book downloaded an internet book store. I get myself an iced coffee, as they are only $1.55 (tax in) at a certain fast food place for the summer, or whatever you care to drink. I take my book, my cold drink, (and perhaps a suitable pillow) and I go out onto my deck, get into my favourite comfy outdoor rocking chair and just quietly read, sip and relax. If you’re lucky and have birds in your yard or close vicinity, you can set your book down and enjoy bird song for awhile. I hope you find these activities as relaxing and recharging as I have.


  • I found some great FREE guided meditation videos on YouTube that are awesome to re-center and focus the mind and body. Search Guided Meditation and pick one that fits your free time!! Also love a quick home nail session after a soak in the bath!


  • I like to take a long soak in the tub! I relax by zoning out in front of my favorite shows or playing games such as candy crush on  my phone. Spending family time with spouse and children.


  • Here are some methods I use to help cope with COVID stress: I go for a walk, I phone a loved one, I read, I also listen to soft relaxing music. 


  • My favourite things to do to cope with stress are: 1. Colour with music. 2. Diamond dot art (like cross-stitching, but with diamonds) while watching Netflix. 3. Turn on my headphones and sing out loud to my favourite music. I do this while cleaning, organizing, weeding the garden, watering the flowers – my neighbours are used to it by now and so is my family! 4. Walk my dog. 5. Go for coffee with a friend, or make my own iced coffee at home and invite a friend over to diamond dot with me! 6. Make lists – if I am overwhelmed I tend to forget EVERYTHING!

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