On November 6, 2023, members from Community-Based Organizations around Saskatchewan met in Regina for a lobby day to ask the government to do more for CBO workers.

The group attended a lobby training session before meeting with members of the NDP caucus to discuss their issues.

From there, we attended Question Period and even had a private meeting with Minister Gene Makowsky afterwards.

Key issues the attendees focused on were short staffing, wages, recruitment and retention.

Everyone was receptive to the members' stories because everyone spoke with passion for their jobs and the people they serve.

Justin Gaudet, SEIU-West member of the tri-union CBO group had this to say about the experience:

It was my first time being at the Legislature and it was great to be able to share the experience with fellow workers. The behaviours of the government during session was pretty disgraceful, much like their support for the CBO sector. Thanks to the Opposition for listening to us. Hopefully Minister Makowsky heard our concerns and so we see real, substantive action on the CBO portfolio, especially when it comes to increasing wages and benefits for workers as well as investing in the services those workers provide. 

A follow up letter was sent to Minister Makowsky from the tri-union CBO group.

In January, the group received a response from the Minister.

In April 2024, the tri-union presidents sent a second letter to Minister Makowsky requesting a follow up meeting.

Click the image of each letter to read the full document.


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