Going Forward, Guided by the Past: Black History Month 2020

Once again we’re celebrating Black History month! It is a time to celebrate and recognize the rich history and contribution that people of African descent have made in our society and also reflect on how we can combat racial inequalities.    

The theme this year is ‘Canadians of African Descent: Going Forward, Guided by the Past.’ And this year’s Black History Month emblem, the Sankofa Bird, is derived from the word “Sankofa”, taken from the Twi language mainly spoken in Ghana, Africa. Sankofa is translated as “Go back and get it” and it is inspired by an ancient proverb that states “it is not taboo to fetch what is at risk of being left behind”. What this basically means is that we need to look back i.e. learn from the past, in order to move forward.

It is important to acknowledge the injustice that had been done to people of African descent in the past, so we can start the healing process and work on solutions for the issues of today. The federal and provincial government must also examine the negative impact its laws, policies and practices have black communities.

Join us this February in celebrating the many accomplishments of Canada’s community of people of people of African descent as we reflect on the past to build a successful and bright future.

There will be an event on Saturday the 15th of February at the Frances Morrison Central Library titled, Black History Month: Unity, Culture & Love.

It is presented in partnership with Government of Canada, City of Saskatoon, Faith Leaders Council (USask), Truly Alive Youth and Family Foundation Inc, Saskatoon Open Door Society, African Students Association, NSA University of Saskatchewan, USask International Students.

Come engage, learn and celebrate Black History month with cultural performances, vendors and a panel of speakers.


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