Workers of Colour Multicultural Mentorship Committee recently connected with Zahra, a proud SEIU-West member to get her thoughts on Black History Month. Here's what she had to say:

February is recognized as the Black History month in Canada, a month to celebrate the rich contributions and accomplishments of different black communities which make up the diverse ethnocultural communities in Canada. It was officially recognized in Canada as Black History Month in December 1995 by the House of Commons following a motion introduced by Dr. Augustine.

To me this month is a month to learn, practice, teach and evolve the cultures of black communities. It is a month to inspire dialogue and motivate everyone to recommit to self-educating as well as question us about our daily practices and ask whether any seem contradictory to equity, diversity, and inclusion of black communities and what we can do to balance these power imbalances if any, in our homes, neighborhoods and workplaces.

As a black African, I take pride in my ethnicity and the value I add to the diversity in Canada as well as aspire to embrace new opportunities. I have demonstrated profound strength and resilience in my ability to overcome difficult situations and adaptation to new environments.

Zahra Namaganda
Founder and President
Ugandan Cultural Community of the Prairies Inc. (UCCOP)

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