Multicultural Mentorship Committee


To promote awareness of the cultures of our Worker of Colour members within our union membership and how those values intertwine with union values.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. To assist the SEIU-West Executive Board in achieving its targets and priorities while ensuring diverse representation.
  2. To engage our Worker of Colour members to strengthen their union involvement and participation.
  3. To promote racial justice, inclusion and equity in our workplaces.
  4. To educate and inform all union members on Worker of Colour issues within the workplace.
  5. To keep our Worker of Colour members up to date on specific issues that might impact them.
  6. To recruit possible members by attending meetings, conferences and cultural events.
  7. To work with other Equity seeking groups to broaden and develop the goals of the union.
  8. To be an advisory and a resource for all union members, the Executive Board and bargaining committee on Worker of Colour issues and to ensure that diversity is reflected.

Committee Members

Committee Co-Chairs:
Jocelyn Alvesor, Staff Scheduler – St. Paul’s Hospital – 306-229-6772 
Jeanne Javinal, LPN – St. Paul’s Hospital (Palliative Care Unit) – 639-318-5215 

Leta Raquel-Lee, Health Records Clerk – Royal University Hospital – 306-203-1544 

Committee Members:
Krishna Lagos, Medical Office Admin (Medical Imaging) – 306-371-7423
Sayful Amed Samu, Scheduler – Saskatoon Home Care - 306-881-0078
Hassan Mowgli, Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) – Home Care – 306-380-0499

Top Officer:
Neil Colmin – 306-693-7922 ext. 4225

Staff Representative:
Jolomi Gagar – 306-652-1011 ext. 2225
Christine Miller – 306-652-1011 ext. 8733 

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