To promote awareness of the cultures of our Workers of Colour Members within our union membership, and how their values intertwine with union values.

We are committed to promoting racial justice, inclusion, and equality in the workplace and in our communities. 

We aim to build strong relationships with community organizations and allies through participation in cultural events. 

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. To assist the SEIU-West Executive Board in achieving its targets and priorities while ensuring diverse representation.
  2. To engage our Workers of Colour members to strengthen their union knowledge and engagement. 
  3. To promote racial justice, inclusion and equity in our workplaces and communities.
  4. To educate and inform all union members on Workers of Colour issues within the workplace.
  5. To keep our Workers of Colour members up to date on specific issues that might impact them.
  6. To recruit possible members by attending meetings, conferences and cultural events.
  7. To work with other Equity seeking groups to broaden and develop the goals of union members.
  8. To be an advisory and a resource for all union members, the Executive Board and bargaining committee on Workers of Colour issues and to ensure that diversity is reflected.

Committee Members

Committee Co-Chairs:
Jeanne Javinal, Licenced Practical Nurse, Comunity Renal Hemodialysis Centre (Saskatoon) 639.318.3285 

Felix Osei

Committee Communicator:

Yolanda Sagayo - Cook, Davidson Health Centre (Davidson) - 306.262.3163  

Committee Members:
Claudia Moran Gossmann

Leta Raquel Lee - Saskatoon City Hospital - 306.203.1544

Manu Priya De Silva

Hassan Mowgli - Continuing Care Assistant - Home Care 

Top Officer:
Neil Colmin – 306.693.7922 ext. 4225

Staff Representative:
Dennel Pickering – 306.652.1011 ext. 2241

Black History Month 2023

Black History Month is a great opportunity to acknowledge the achievements of African Americans in North America. The theme for this year (2023) is “Ours to tell”. As an African diaspora and the Multicultural Mentorship Committee co-chair, I would like to reflect on the “Year of Return”, (2019) and “Beyond the Return” initiatives organized by Ghana in West Africa to recognize the 400th anniversary of the year the first slave traded Africans landed in America. 

Apply for 2023 Multicultural Mentorship Committee AND Young Workers Conference

The SEIU-West Multicultural Mentorship Committee and Young Worker Committee have partnered to invite you to apply to attend their 2023 Conference. This conference is intended for young workers, new Canadians and workers of colour, where we can discuss mental health, discrimination, the challenges of coming to Canada, and issues like accessing affordable, nutritional food. 

World Refugee Day 2022

June 20 is World Refugee Day. The SEIU-West Multicultural Mentorship Committee (MMC) wants to highlight why World Refugee Day is so important.

Not only does this day encourage us to think about what we can do to help, it also motivates us to be better neighbours and friends. Compassion would make this entire world a softer place for us all. Imaging leaving your home, friends, and country because you're afraid of being persecuted for your beliefs.

Let's not just pause on June 20 to reflect, let's all commit to supporting refugees on their journeys and appreciate the sacrifices and strengths of refugees that have settled in Canada. Let's look at the work that needs to be done to help over fifty million refugees/displaced persons that are at risk worldwide.

There is a huge need to create a more peaceful world. Together, we can work so that fewer people will be forced to leave their homes due to violence, war and unrest. Why is it that world peace seems so impossible, while world war seems so possible? World peace is a monumental goal, but every step we make towards it matters. 

We may see a greater amount of refugees in Saskatchewan with the current situation in Ukraine. This is an opportunity. Be friends, neighbours, co-workers and citizens.

Committee Openings

As you may be aware, we have a number of committees who are looking to fill vacancies. If you are an SEIU-West member (or know of an SEIU-West member in your workplace) that is looking for a great way to get involved in your union, are enthusiastic, curious, and ready to learn, take a look at the various committees and see if one peaks your interest.

The committees looking to fill out their allotted number of members are as follows:

  • Aboriginal Committee
  • Multicultural Mentorship Committee
  • Political Action & Awareness Committee
  • Worker Safety Committee
  • Young Workers Committee

If one catches your eye, send in an Expression of Interest form. 

We also have a Committee Openings poster that can be displayed on the SEIU-West bulletin board in your workplace for coworkers to find. Joining a committee is a great way to meet new people, step outside of your comfort zone, and show your solidarity in your union.



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