In addition to Education Week from October 17 - 23, in 2021 SEIU-West is also proud to recognize Facilities and Engineering Week!

SEIU-West members in Facilities and Engineering are critical to the success of every facility in the health care system. For example, heating, water and lighting systems must be well-organized and operational to support medically-sound environments for patients, residents, visitors and staff. 

Members who work in Facilities and Engineering work in a variety of fields including Building and Energy Maintenance, Construction, Waste Management, Groundskeeping and Landscaping, and Clinical and Plant Engineering. In their honour, we are asking you to nominate a member of the Facilities and Engineering team who really makes a difference in your workplace, whether with their positive attitude, their awesome work, or the way they support the whole health care team.

Please send in your nominations, along with a sentence or two as to why they deserve to win, to [email protected] by October 29, 2021. Your nominee could win one of several great prizes!

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