Today we celebrate the freedom to choose or not to choose having a family. Family Planning is a Human Right is the theme for the United Nations 2018 World Population Day.

The main focus is to ensure that everyone has access to quality information about reproductive health including but not limited to birth control, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) pre- and post-natal care, birthing process, adoption, and other family planning matters.

Both women and men face pressures about having a family, when to have a family, if they should have a family, and can even experience discrimination based on their choice to or not to have children.

In Canada, we are fortunate to have laws that enable parents (natural or adoptive) to take parental leave in order to take care of our children in their first year of life. Some parents are able to stay at home with their pre-school aged children but for those parents who cannot afford to stay at home or are single parents, it’s important for them to have stable, safe, and reliable child care.

We urge you to participate in the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) campaign demanding universal, affordable and inclusive child care:

You can also celebrate World Population Day by completing this word scramble to win a 50 dollar CO-OP gift card! Quick hint – read this article in order to unscramble some of the nine standards to uphold the human right to family planning in the word scramble and send a finished puzzle to [email protected]!

Happy World Population Day!

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