Happy Family Day, everyone!

If you were to ask 100 people, you would get 100 different answers about what family means. And SEIU-West supports that! No matter what your family looks like—small and nuclear, big and extended, couples, single parents, children, child-free, pet-parents, we love to see it! And remember, our found families are equally as important as those we share genetics with, or those who raised us.

To celebrate Family Day 2022, we want to hear your family stories! Every day we will be asking a new question about your family memories, traditions, and more. Bookmark this page and check every day for a new question. We'll also be sharing the questions daily over on our Facebook page. We have five prizes to give away and to sweeten the deal, you will receive one entry into the draw for each question you answer! That's right, five questions equals five chances to win!


  • What makes your family unique?
  • What is the one meal that brings everyone to the table, every time?
  • What is your favourite family tradition? It can be from your own childhood, one you have now, or both!
  • What is one thing you used to do as a family and wish you still did? Or, what's your favourite family activity?
  • Is there anyone famous—or infamous—in your family tree?

How to Enter: Send your answers to [email protected] every day, or once at the end of the week to be entered to win. Deadline for entries is 12:00 noon Monday, February 28. As above, every question answered equals one entry into the prize draw.

Winners will be determined by random drawing of all questions. Family stories may be shared (anonymously) on the SEIU-West website and social media pages.



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