It’s Continuing Care Assistant (CCA) Day!  

Continuing Care Assistants (CCAs) provide personal care to clients, patients, and residents to support their physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs so they can function at an optimum level during their day.

And to celebrate CCA Day we’re shining the spotlight on Stephanie who works at a long-term care home.

As a CCA who works more nights and evenings, her day typically includes working tirelessly to ensure the residents are comfortable, safe and taken care of through the night.

Stephanie also gets a number of residents up to start their day (a minimum of four) so she is the first person they get to see.

Stephanie finds her work highly rewarding and is comforted in knowing: “I can make a difference every shift I work by seeing the progress in our residents. Comforting a young resident during hard times, and knowing that they will come to me next time they have a problem is satisfying.”

Stephanie goes above and beyond each and every day for the residents.

We are proud to celebrate our CCAs who are an energetic part of our SEIU-West family of nursing and health care heroes every day of the year.

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