We have some great answers from our Family Day contest winners:


Andrea M 

  • What makes your family unique?

As a single, childless adult, my family is unique because it’s just me! I have had to learn how to make family traditions and meals all by myself, for myself. It’s tough some days but this experiences has really taught me to love myself and protect my family traditions by continuing them on so they’re never forgotten. I often get overlooked when it comes to a family definition but I am fiercely proud of the home and life I have carved for myself.


Deidre W

  • What is the one meal that brings everyone to the table, every time?

The best meal that brings everyone to table is my mom's homemade pickled pig's feet. It's a treat for us at Christmas and Easter. Her homemade buns are good too!!


Lori K

  • What is your favourite family tradition? It can be from your own childhood, one you have now, or both!

Celebrating the Ukrainian dishes like my husbands family on the 6th of Jan.


Baily M

  • What is one thing you used to do as a family and wish you still did? Or, what's your favourite family activity?

Our favorite thing to do as a family is go camping!


Vickie P

  • Is there anyone famous—or infamous—in your family tree?

My son Dylan was the billboard kid for Telemiracle 40, he was all over the province on billboards and posters and commercials.


From our SEIU-West family to yours, thank you for celebrating Family day with us!

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