Filipino Heritage Month is observed in Canada every June to celebrate and raise awareness about the Filipino community in Canada and their contributions throughout Canadian history.

The SEIU-West Workers of Colour Multicultural Mentorship Committee (WoCMMC) recently interviewed a community leader, Mike San Miguel. Please have a read:

The Filipino Heritage School in Saskatoon was officially incorporated as a Saskatchewan non-profit organization in 1995, as it marked a pivotal moment in Saskatoon's Filipino community to officially provide an opportunity for the youth, a platform for preserving and promoting Filipino Culture. 

Since its inception, the school has experienced growth in students and activities, while contributing to a strong sense of Filipino heritage in Saskatoon. 

Having nearly 60 students enrolled this year, a solid administration team and dedicated teachers in place, you can expect even more progress and expansion in the coming school year. 

The Filipino Heritage School is truly dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all involved where bonds form that indeed feel like family.

The Filipino Heritage School performs in many events such as Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May) International Language Day, Canada Day celebrations, Kalayaan (Philippine Independence Day), Saskatoon Folkfest, Sk Filipino Food & Music Festival and more, which has been a fantastic way to build and enhance engagement as students showcase their talents to foster connections with our community. 

An elder once told me that it is important to preserve your language and culture because you never know if it will ever be taken away. This has encouraged me to continuously support all cultures and embrace and respect our positive differences. 

As the past president of the organization, along with dedicated parent board members, the collaborative team has undoubtedly played a significant role in the school's success by strengthening the foundation while maintaining a clear vision of Filipino culture. 

My involvement with the Filipino Heritage School has been incredibly rewarding and I am grateful we live in the best city in Canada, as Saskatoon grows to be a more diverse community. 

Mike San Miguel, Filipino Heritage School Board of Director
[email protected]


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