Here’s one of your SEIU-West Front Line Heroes.   

Providing hands on care during a pandemic is not easy but Emilyn is offering some advice from her RUH headquarters.

It’s hard to get through each day but you just think about how you can help others and try to do the best you can to protect yourself without bringing anything home with you. The atmosphere at work right now is nervous, but people are vigilant about what they touch and their surroundings. Mentally, it’s exhausting. Every day there is a new routine before you leave and when you get back. You can’t be around loved ones when you go home – I go straight to the shower and I leave my shoes outside.

Working in registration at the hospital, patients are now getting screened through security and we have changed our processes to be safer - these processes are always changing. Everyone is anxious because this is the calm before the storm. There are so many changes in the hospital that you can’t help but get a bit nervous. In the common areas, the chairs are all gone now. It feels eerie. 

Try to think positively and hope this goes away”.

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