To celebrate YOU on Labour Day, we have a fun contest. Enter by September 10th for your chance to win one of three prizes!

Labour Day is a day for you, your families, and your coworkers to celebrate the many ways your work – otherwise known as labour – contributes to your communities and the economy.

Labour Day has been celebrated in Canada since 1894. We celebrate the people who pushed for the 8 hour work day and better working conditions. In the 1960s, the labour movement won the 8 hour work day/40 hour work week.

During this global pandemic, we know many of you have worked more than 8 hours in a day and 40 hours in a week.

We know that you’ve been understaffed for a very long time, far before the pandemic hit.

You deserve to be respected for your contributions, protected from the dangers you face in your workplaces, and fairly compensated for your time.

Our Premier needs to be reminded that investing in you, is an investment in the public services that everyone in Saskatchewan relies on every day.

Take a moment to send him a reminder through our Campaign.

You have been through the impossible this year. You wore your masks, washed your hands raw, and cared for the public while isolating from you family. 

Celebrate all you've accomplished this year. 

Take a break.

You are important. 

Thank you for all you do.

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