Martin Been, Member of SEIU-West Political Action and Awareness Committee, has upped his game in response to the lack of response from his letter to his Member of Parliament, as well as letters to the Editor of the Star Phoenix: Investment Must Stay With Long-Term Care in Saskatchewan and concerns expressed over private healthcare in Saskatchewan and the poor response from the Provincial Health Minister.

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Mr. Prime Minister 

I’m reaching out to you in regards to an item of grave concern here in Saskatchewan: Medicare. I have reached out via email to both the provincial health minister, Paul Merriman, as well as Saskatoon West Federal M.P. Brad Redekopp (my M.P.)  with neither of those two representatives responding. I had initially reached out as there has been concern that the Provincial Government appeared to be on a mission to privatize healthcare. This was confirmed recently via a local newspaper article published here:

Now I am writing to request your assistance. 

This provincial government’s attack on the principles of Medicare (publicly funded, publicly delivered and publicly accessible), has undertones of an attack on your government.

Publicly funded healthcare is made possible through Federal transfer payments to provincial governments to provide healthcare, however, we need to set benchmarks for health care transfer payments to ensure that money is rightly focused on improving the quality of the healthcare system, the staff who keep it running, and, more importantly, the health and recovery of patients, clients, and residents. 

Our own Government of Canada sets out that “If the provinces and Territories fulfill the criteria and conditions expressed in The Canada Health Act, and ensure that there is no extra billing or user charges, then they are entitled to their full Canada Health Transfer. The Sask. Party government’s plan doesn’t meet that standard, in my opinion.

I implore you, Mr. Prime Minister, that your government put the brakes on the Sask. Party government’s plan and live up to the promise of Medicare.


Thank you,

Martin Been

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