Ashley is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) working at a long-term care home in Moose Jaw.  

Since taking her course through SIAST (now Sask Polytechnic), Ashley is continually updating her skills and education. 

Whether it be TLR, PPE and infection control or long-term and palliative care, she is adding value to the care she provides to her residents.

In a typical day, Ashley ensures everything runs smoothly on the floor during her shift and deals with any issues that may arise; she troubleshoots with her team to come up with possible plans of action.

Ashley also passes out medication and performs any treatments or procedures that need to be done; she handles admissions, palliative care and Doctors’ orders and changes to medication.

Ashley speaks with the doctor to discuss resident’s needs. Ashley believes in supporting the clients to live the best life they can and is a strong advocate for their needs when they cannot be for themselves.

Her most precious moments on the job is when her clients succeed in their goals.  She also enjoys engaging with their families and supporting them when they need her the most.

“Every day is a new day with a brand new adventure,” Ashley says. “There is never a dull moment in long-term care.”

We are proud to celebrate the LPNs who are front line heroes working tirelessly as part of the nursing family of our broader health care team.

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