Linen Worker Appreciation Week is April 23 – 29 and provides us with the opportunity to recognize and appreciate the people responsible for the cleaning of textiles used in health care facilities. These hard-working professionals are responsible for cleaning textiles and linens, a critical component to reducing the spread of illness and ensuring that clients, residents, and staff have access to clean linens throughout their day.

We heard from Janelle, who has been a Laundry Services Worker for more than five years and works at a long term and special needs care home. Her days start early, beginning at 6:30 each day. In a typical day, Janelle and her co-worker wash all the residents’ linens and personal clothing. She takes pride in ensuring that residents have clean, unwrinkled, and stain-free clothing and linens, commenting" “After all, they have spent their lives taking care of themselves and others, now it is our turn to help them!” What a wonderful commitment to caring for residents!

While she works in the laundry, Janelle enjoys talking to the residents. It is particularly rewarding when Janelle finds an item that has gone missing and can return it to its owner. The appreciation that she feels from a resident, or their family member makes the tough days worth it.

In addition to being responsible for the laundry, Janelle and her co-worker are also responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the laundry room. They must work closely together to ensure that between the two of them all the daily work can be completed. This attention to teamwork, cleanliness, and sanitation helps to ensure that germs are not spread to the residents.

This week, be sure to take a moment to show some love to the hard-working people who work in laundry at your facility! To Janelle, your co-workers, and every other Laundry Worker, thank you for all that you do!

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