Sonora works in a rural hospital in Saskatchewan as a Combined Lab & X-Ray Tech (CLXT). She provides both x-rays and lab testing services.


She kind of stumbled into the job when she applied for a number of career options through Sask Polytechnic and was accepted for the CLXT program. She’s happy she found this career because she loves what she does.

COVID 19 has changed how Sonora's lab operates, because there used to be a lineup of people waiting for fasting bloodwork and now patients need to make appointments so that they can minimize traffic and sanitize in between patients. Sonora loves to assist her patients and finds it interesting when she comes across new pathogens. She likes being a part of the team that gives clues to the doctors to assist patients in their diagnosis. It can be tricky sometimes when she’s the only one in the department or when a trauma patient comes in and she has to think outside the box on how to get x-rays done.

Sonora would love to see pronounced efforts for recruitment of CLXTs as there is a real need for them in Saskatchewan. She didn’t know the job even existed until she applied for it, but she is hopeful that COVID 19 has shone a light on the importance of laboratory work to enlighten more people to join her in this profession.

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