The linked SHEPP Pension Bulletin outlines some of the basics of pension indexation, or protection against inflation, for pension plans. It also provides a summary of SHEPP’s past indexation and an update on the current funding status of the plan. Finally, the bulletin concludes with an important proposal for benefit improvements that has been agreed upon by all five of the Unions (SEIU-West, CUPE, SGEU, SUN, and HSAS) representing SHEPP members.

There is an urgent need for a key improvement to the plan's benefits to protect current and future retirees from the impact of inflation.

Information sessions regarding this bulletin will be held in the coming weeks. These meetings are the first of many, so if you are unable to attend, there will be others. Please watch our website for more dates as they are made available.

The first information sessions will be hosted by SUN and will be offered using Zoom on Tuesday, December 13, at 12:00 and 20:00.

Member Info Sessions: Tuesday, December 13

Session A  |  12:00-13:00  |  CLICK HERE TO JOIN SESSION A

Session B  |  20:00-21:00  |  CLICK HERE TO JOIN SESSION B
Please click the JOIN link 10-15 mins prior to the scheduled start time.

A maximum of 500 can join the virtual session at one time.


Click here for a printable PDF version of the SHEPP Pension Bulletin.


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