It’s National Nursing Week!  

And to celebrate National Nursing Week, we’re shining the spotlight on Patricia. Patricia is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at Lanigan Union Hospital.

Since receiving her LPN diploma a mere 26 years ago, Patricia has forged an impressive career.

She’s kept up her certification and expanded her knowledge by attending many workshops, in-services, and reading many career-relevant articles.

Patricia’s day involves all duties related to caring for long-term care residents, as well as assisting with acute care, and emergency room patients.

As hard as her job may be some days, Patricia enjoys the relationship-based nursing aspects of her work.

Patricia recalls an event that a smile to her face:

“Actually it was a fall incident.  I heard a noise coming from a resident's room.  I went to check it out. There he was, sitting on the floor, laughing.  Trying not to immediately laugh myself, I asked "What happened?"  He said "You won't believe it, but I was dreaming and I slipped right out of my recliner, and here I sit!"  He had been sitting in his recliner, with a pillow underneath his legs, and the recliner just dumped him right onto the floor, landing his bottom right onto the pillow. 

I asked if he was okay, stifling the impending giggles, and he said "Well, sure hun, but you do NOT want to know what this old guy was dreaming about!" We then were literally in (My partner and I helped him up and he had not one scratch on him.)”

We all depend on LPNs to take care of us and we would like to give special thanks to them for holding strong on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are proud to celebrate our CCAs and LPNs who are a vibrant part of our SEIU-West family of nursing and health care heroes every day of the year.

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