This week Saskatchewan's Minister of Health, Paul Merriman, contacted SEIU-West to ask how he could best increase the COVID19-vaccination rate for health care workers. 

We couldn’t believe he was unaware of the many health care workers who have been waiting for the offer of the vaccine.

So we asked him: why were all health care workers and essential workers were not included in Phase 1?

He said there were "difficult decisions" that had to be made.

We don’t think our Minister of Health understands the vast number of health care workers who feel like they have been let down in his vaccine roll-out plan; we know that we have assisted members, and managers have also tried to appeal for health care workers to be prioritized….so we want you to call Paul.

If you’re waiting for a vaccine offer and/or if you had an exceptional number of hurdles to get your vaccine offer – please tell him – he needs to know that blaming health care workers for his uptake problem is a mistake….his mistake.

Paul’s number at the Saskatchewan Legislature in Regina is (306) 787-7345.

His Saskatoon office number is (306) 244-5623.

Better Call Paul!

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