The tragic events of the past week that began on James Smith Cree Nation have impacted our entire province and have resonated throughout Canada. Though we may never understand the reasons behind the attacks, it’s important for us to grieve for everyone involved. The victims who lost their lives, the survivors recovering from their injuries and coping with living through such horrible events, the families and friends grieving the loss, while supporting their loved ones and communities, the first responders, police, health care providers, and all people in the communities impacted by the horrific events.

There is one thing left out of this whole chaotic series of events: Hope.

Hope that healing will begin. Hope that nothing like this happens again. Hope that we can come together as a province to finally face our truth and reconcile our past so we can move forward into a brighter future.

If you are experiencing or struggling and need help from a mental health professional, please seek out that help. We have several links available on our Mental Health resource page and there are culturally relevant resources available through the Saskatoon Tribal Council. The Hope for Wellness Helpline provides 24/7 service to Indigenous people across the country and is available by phone or online chat.

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