Date: January 20, 2023

Sisters, Brothers and Comrades,

Your SEIU-West Bargaining Committee dug in to review several past and present documents that would guide the development of our proposal package.

We have heard from our members very clearly that monetary issues are #1. And our work has reflected that priority. We’ve been hearing from members in their replies to the Bargaining Updates, in a review of the Member Resource Center calls and identified issues, and we continually refer to the Bargaining Survey that our members completed.

We will be serving our formal notice to bargain to the Saskatchewan Association of Healthcare Organizations (SAHO), the bargaining representative for the Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA).

The Bargaining Committee has spent time orientating the new member representatives, providing training on the fundamentals of a bargaining table, and preparing for potential site visits as COVID restrictions are lifted. In the event that doesn’t happen very quickly, we will start with virtual townhalls to update our members as we begin to meet with SAHO and the SHA representatives.

On behalf of the Committee, I want to remind members to contact the Member Resource Center (and don’t forget to leave your phone number and a message!) so we can track the issues that are arising in the workplace. If we don’t know about the problems, we cannot fix them!

If you have Collective Agreement questions or issues, contact the Member Resource Center at 1-888-999-7348 Ext 2298 or [email protected] or use the contact form at

In Solidarity on behalf of the SEIU-West Bargaining Committee

Barbara Cape
President of SEIU-West

Your SEIU-West SAHO Provincial Bargaining Committee:
CHR: Janice Platzke (SEIU-West Treasurer) • FHHR: Brenda Berry, Barbara Bubyn • HHR: Colleen Denniss • SHR: Rhonda Bzdel, Chris Clark, Jean Javinal, Carla Saworski, Charlene Sarafin • Extendicare: Teena Foote • Staff: Bob Laurie (Dir. of Bargaining and Contract Enforcement), Russell Doell (Deputy Dir. of Bargaining and Contract Enforcement • President: Barbara Cape

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