Approximately 115 workers at Stonebridge Crossing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, part of Esprit Retirement, have voted overwhelmingly to join SEIU-West.

Workers contacted the Organizing experts at SEIU-West earlier in the summer because they are fed-up with the chronic understaffing that they feel is contributing to declining Occupational Health and Safety standards throughout the workplace.

"These workers have stepped up to help residents throughout the pandemic for Esprit Retirement, now it's time for Esprit to recognize this stellar work and provide safe staffing, job security and better wages for their families," says Lead Organizer Stacey Lolacher. 

Workers persisted in forming their union despite Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and were able to achieve their goal because SEIU-West is able to provide a safe method for any workplace to fulfil the requirements to form a union under the Saskatchewan Employment Act

Throughout the pandemic, front line workers were called heroes for taking risks to keep business and health care operating in Saskatchewan.

It's time for front line heroes to come together and form a union to ensure their health and safety is prioritized, which includes earning livable wages and benefits, so they can continue working for the good of us all. 

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