Boni is the head Environmental Services Worker (ESW) in a rural hospital.

She loves her job because she leaves with a sense of pride, knowing she and her team have done their best to keep the hospital clean and their patients safe.

In a day, she:

  • cleans patients’ rooms
  • washes walls
  • washes curtains
  • scrubs the halls
  • collects garbage
  • collects dirty linen
  • stocks clean linen
  • orders supplies
  • takes care of her team
  • performs other duties as needed

To be an ESW, Boni has taken training in WHMIS, TLR, PART, OHS levels 1 and 2 and has an acquired an education “that you just can’t learn from books”.

Compliments from patients or their families means a lot to Boni and her team. She knows she makes a difference and that makes her job rewarding.

This week is Environmental Services week, and we are thrilled to celebrate workers like Boni.

Your hard work, dedication to clean facilities, knowledge and friendliness is integral to the team and to the public. Thank you, Boni, for everything you do each day!

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