Jody works in the Food and Nutrition (F & N) department of an urban hospital as a Storesperson, where she orders food and other kitchen products and then when she receives them, puts them where they belong. Three years ago, when she saw this posting, she thought she’d enjoy it and is happy to report that her instinct was right.

Working during the pandemic was very trying. When the pandemic hit, they weren’t sure what hospitals were going to look like so they prepared for a huge wave. Some days, it was tricky to find space for all the extra food and paper products that were necessary to have on hand to prepare for the unknown. She says that having to wear a mask for the entire day is really difficult.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Jody was scared. She worried that she’d get COVID-19 and it took a toll on her mental health. She was diligent in putting shields over her face mask, but the heat from it all caused her mask to stick to her face. While Jody is grateful that they had the PPE to keep safe at work, it was very hot and uncomfortable to have masks and shields on their faces as they delivered items and did the dishes. It caused headaches and fatigue and, as a result, general workplace stress and irritability.

They did their jobs the best they could but there were days that they were at their wits end.

When protocols were relaxed across the province, she saw more people coming and going from the hospital. However, their protocols hadn't relaxed, they still wear their PPE. Her team is exhausted. 

She would like Premier Moe to know that as she and her coworkers went to work every day to do their jobs, most of them were terrified but showed up anyway, exhausted and not looking forward to wearing the extra precautions that were necessary to keep safe.

Most got burnt out over the past 18 months and their mental health was not in good shape.

She’s hopeful that the Premier can step up and be there for the health care workers like they were there for everyone during the pandemic.

We hear you loud and clear. 

We hope everyone joins Jody in her request for fairness by signing this letter to Premier Moe.


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