Joey works at a hospital in Protective Services (formerly Security Services) where he is honored to be able to serve the public.

Joey knows that the pandemic affected every single person on this planet, regardless of race, wealth or background. He wasn’t able to see his family and friends and missed those social interactions terribly,  but as time went on, he became used to it. Some days were tiring, some were happy, but he noticed the emotions people have when visiting the hospital or staying in as a patient were heightened over the past 18 months. 

The number of hours Joey and his colleagues were asked to work during the COVID-19 pandemic were relentless and overwhelming. Sometimes he had to extend his shifts until he could be replaced. 

Joey's decision to become a Protective Services worker in 2014 stemmed from a desire he had to be a police officer. His training for his job is extensive, including the Police Training Academy in Regina, Private Investigation and Security License and certificate, Defensive Tactics, Verbal Judo, Mental Health First Aid, and has knowledge of the Federal and Provincial laws that regulate us. He feels this job brings out the best in him and enjoys helping the public when they need help, no matter the size of the problem. It’s Joey’s job to be calm and collected and use his training to control the situation, which he does. At the end of the day, he’s proud of what he does and hopes to go home to his family safe each day.

Prior to COVID, his job was to patrol the hospital and perimeter to ensure everyone is safe and secure from any harm. He assists first responders, including police services, with bringing violent patients into the facility, as well as health care workers having issues with patients or visitors that could result in violence. While PPE supply wasn’t perfect at the beginning of the pandemic, he and his colleagues now have PPE and feel safer on the job.

Joey believes that his team deserves to be recognized and paid appropriately. There was a whole team of people supporting the health care system before and during the pandemic, and there is a whole team now that have worked tirelessly and deserve recognition for being there for the public. To support Joey and workers like him across Saskatchewan, join our campaign Hey Moe: Respect Us, Protect Us, Pay Us! and send this message to Premier Scott Moe.

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